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Silver Sun Solutions portfolio offers solutions in energy savings such Lighting with LED, Solar Energy, Light Design Consultancy, Energy Management. The interconnectedness of the solution areas enables Silver Sun Solutions to offer a holistic approach to providing a wide range of solutions with excellent customer services.

Energy Savings via LED:
As the population grows, the demand for power is also increasing. It is estimated that global demand for energy will increase by 60 per cent by 2030. In India there was a 6.3 per cent jump in the peak demand of electricity in 2011-12. The increase in energy requirement in 2011-12 over the previous fiscal year was even higher at 8.8 per cent. With climate change acknowledged as an emerging megatrend, the need for energy efficiency is becoming more and more crucial. SILVER SUN SOLUTIONS is at the forefront of innovation to achieve more with less energy while giving its solutions to the customers. LED lighting applications will reduce wastage of energy by 50 per cent – 90 per cent compared to other conventional lights. They are long lasting and environmental friendly. The key virtue of LED lighting is reduction in power consumption and hence decreases in electricity bills. LED’s are most efficient in parking spaces, office premises, lobbies and stairways for residential spaces, warehouses, street lighting etc. SILVER SUN SOLUTIONS has tied-up with innovative light designers and also manufacturers. We also promote the best international brands.
Silver Sun Solutions
Solar Energy:
Solar energy is the most readily available source of energy. In the next few years it is expected that millions of households in the world will be using solar energy as the trends in USA and Japan show. In India too, the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency and the Ministry and Non-conventional energy sources are formulating programs to have solar energy in more than a million households in the next few years. Silver Sun Solutions strives to provide solar PV installation and service thereafter to suit customer’s expectations.
Silver Sun Solutions
Light Design Consultancy:
Lighting consumes a considerable amount of electricity used in commercial buildings and also residential premises specially common areas and affects other building systems through its electrical requirements and the waste heat that it produces. Upgrading lighting systems with efficient light sources, fixtures, and controls can reduce lighting energy use, improve the visual environment, and affect the sizing of HVAC and electrical systems. Looking at the intensity of lighting in different areas —i.e. what levels of illuminance are appropriate for a clinical area vs. a supply closet—may also identify opportunities for modifications and greater efficiencies.

Our lighting designs and solutions are recommended keeping not only energy efficiency in mind but also the aesthetics of the architecture and landscape. Our detailed survey reports of residential premises and industrial infrastructures will help you make decisions on ROI, capital investments and conventional vs renewable energy options.

Silver Sun Solutions
Energy Management (ProGreen Initiative, 360 degree approach):
Under this program our technical experts can survey your set-up and come up with detailed reports as to how we can help you save energy and reduce operational costs. We can help design, plan and also implement your RE needs. We can also conduct energy audits and generate detailed reports for your reference.

Some of the solutions, depending on the size and area of the project, could include upgradation in electrical distribution & power quality. Electrical bill management. Renewable energy generation. Demand control ventilation. Variable flow water pumping. Lighting retrofits – Internal and external.

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